We have daily routines which your key worker will talk to you about; it is important that everyone understands and follows the routines to ensure a smooth running school.

The time you are expected to get up in the morning depends on whether it is a school day, holiday or weekend.  On school days, you will get up in time to shower/wash, tidy your room, have breakfast and be ready for school starting.

Bed times depend on your age.  At weekends and during school holidays these times are more relaxed.

What about food?

At Balnacraig our meals are varied and nutritious and we will do our best to cater for your likes and dislikes. You will be given the opportunity to have your favourite meal appear on our school menu. After our meals, everyone takes their turn to clean up, and have the dining area tidy for the next meal time.

At the weekend you will have more opportunity to plan, shop and cook as a group (including doing the washing up!)