Balnacraig is a residential school which means that you will receive an education here whilst living within the care-side of the school.

When you are here you will live in the accommodation building, the rooms are organised into small units with their own shared TV area. There are other communal areas in the building that you are encouraged to spend time in with the other young people of the school.


What will I do here?

Lots and Lots – as well as going to school!

We plan activities taking into account the interests and hobbies of all our young people. Your ideas and suggestion are an important part of our planning.

If you like being outdoors we have loads to do including mountain biking, climbing, camping and walking.

There is a lot to do in the local area – crafts, walks, swimming, and gym visits to name a few.

Back at Balnacraig there is always time for reading, watching TV, listening to music, playing board games and relaxing.


Where is Balnacraig?

Balnacraig is situated on the outskirts of Perth, in a quiet residential area at the foot of Kinnoull Hill.

Perth is central to the larger cities of Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and we often organise trips to activities and events in these places.


Getting about

The school is about 10 minutes’ walk from Perth city centre, and about 20 minutes from the train and bus stations. We have several school vehicles to support travel to activities, events, meetings and home contact.