Will I be able to have contact with my family and friends?

Although there may be lots of different reasons why you are not able to live with your family at this time, family and friends are very important part of your life and we will support you to ensure contact can take place in line with your care plan.


Will I get pocket money?

YES … How much you get will depend on your age. You may decide to save some money for special occasions such as holidays.  If you wish, we will help you to open an account at the bank or post office to allow you to save or manage your money sensibly.


Will I have my own bedroom?

YES! You will have your own bedroom and en-suite bathroom and we give you a welcome allowance to personalize your room.


What about clothes and other essentials?

We will make sure that you have the clothes that you need.  Unless you are learning to wash and iron your own clothes, staff will do this for you. When you need new clothes staff will take you shopping and help you to choose what you need.

You will receive a monthly allowance for toiletries, and if necessary, staff will support in identifying what you need and taking you shopping.