Our curriculum and opportunities for wider personal achievement are designed to ensure challenge and enjoyment for all.  In line with the expectations of a Curriculum for Excellence, we aim to provide a totality of experiences with breadth, depth and progression as well as personalisation and choice based on young people’s interests, abilities and needs.

Our broad general education up to the end of S3 provides learning experiences in a range of formal curriculum subjects including English, Maths, Social Subjects, Science, Computing, Art, Home Economics, PE, and Social Education.

There are also opportunities for young people to choose from a variety of other learning experiences such as outdoor education, construction crafts, enterprise, media, expressive arts, technologies, food hygiene and work experience.

In the senior phase beyond S3, pupils are given opportunities to attain SQA qualifications in all of these subjects as well as SQA units in other areas such as SQA personal development awards.  We are proud of our long tradition of pupils doing very well academically here at Balnacraig.

Our care staff offer a wide variety of evening and weekend activities which provide additional opportunities for wider personal achievement.  We have very good links with our local community and encourage young people to engage in local clubs for example.  Young people are encouraged to work towards accreditation for their efforts such as in Youth Achievement Awards, Saltire Awards and  Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.