The Future of Balnacraig

The history of Balnacraig reflects the history of childhood and, in particular, the history of residential care in Scotland. The changes that have taken place reflect a move that tries to ensure that, where possible, young people are cared for within their families and in their own community. For some young people however, this is not possible and the services we offer for those young people need to meet their needs. The improvements in recent years at Balnacraig have aimed to do this by developing a model of small group living with well qualified staff providing therapeutic care. This is reflected by the new services described above. The next phase of this has been to review the arrangements at Balnacraig itself.

As many of you will recognise, the property at Balnacraig is a large property with education provided in the main building and accommodation for up to 10 young people. It is the view of the Board of Directors and Trustees together with the senior management team, that this model is no longer consistent with the move to small group living as a better way of meeting young people’s needs and that the property should be sold with a view to using the funds to purchase properties similar to Craiglunie, Errol House and Eden House. In addition, separate accommodation will be acquired for Education allowing the young people to have a clearer separation between their living arrangements and their education, better reflecting the experience of young people living at home.

With this in mind it has been decided to sell our main building on Fairmount Terrace, Perth

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