At Balnacraig we recognise that families are the most important relationships in the lives of our young people and we do all we can to support and nurture those important relationships.  We understand how difficult it can be for our young people to be away from their families and so encourage regular contact between young people and their families.

We believe in open and honest communication to keep everyone up-to-date and to address any anxieties or concerns at an early stage.  We do this by involving families wherever we can, through telephone contact, visits to the school or home visits, open days, weekly bulletins and monthly newsletters for example.

Sometimes, as part of a young person’s care plan, there is a need to support parents/carers in managing challenging behaviour or in repairing strained family relationships, and our care staff can work alongside Social Workers or other professionals to do this.

We also have a family suite in our main school campus in Perth which parents/carers can access when visiting their young person.