School Care Accommodation is located at Balnacraig and is adjoining the school. It is a ‘home from home’ and the usual comforts are available.

The living accommodation is split into four wings. Each wing has six bedrooms leading from a small lounge area which has soft seating and a digital television. The bedrooms are all en-suite and we encourage young people to personalise their own space, giving them a choice of colour schemes for walls and soft furnishings. There is also a communal kitchen and seating area as well as a laundry which all young people have access to.

During the evenings young people enjoy our grounds and the recreation rooms for a variety of activities such as table tennis, football, gardening, listening to music, arts and crafts, reading and listening to music.

We make every effort to ensure that each young person feels safe at Balnacraig and the security of the rooms at night is ensured. As part of this we have a clear no smoking policy and all staff and pupils are given clear guidance on this when they arrive at Balnacraig. Fire drills and emergency evacuation are practised regularly and the alarm system is tested weekly. We ensure the safety of all through the full use of risk assessments and proper staffing levels.