A typical day begins with breakfast in the main dining room at 9:00 by which time it is expected that all young people will have showered, changed into their school uniform and tidied their bedroom.

School starts at 9.30am and there is a mid-morning break with a drink and healthy snack.

Lunch is served in the dining room and this is followed by free time either in the recreation room playing games or outside until school resumes for the afternoon session.

The school afternoon runs until 3.30pm. Tea is served at 4.45pm, followed by evening activities then supper is served at around 8pm with a small healthy snack such as toast or a cereal bar.

Bedtimes are dependent on age. Lights out time is one hour after room time. As part of our Child Protection procedures, young people are required to hand in their mobile phone at bedtime for safe keeping overnight and this is returned in the morning when the young person gets up. Mobile phones are not permitted to be used during school hours.