Trying your best, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and giving something new a go is an ethos that’s not new to Balnacraig School.

Our young people are encouraged daily in all areas of self improvement.  This could be simply to encourage them to try  a new dish that is prepared weekly by our cooks, or to take part in an activity that they may not have had a chance to do before.  From water sports and camping in the spring and summer, to ski-ing and mountain biking in the autumn and winter.

But taking on a challenge doesn’t always just apply to our young people.  Our staff group are important role models and set the standard for achievement by sharing with the young people some of their own personal goals and achievements.

Two weeks ago Suzzi Swan, one of our visiting Art Specialists,  certainly led the way in inspiring both staff and young people when she successfully undertook and completed the London Marathon.  From the moment she was selected as part of the ballot Suzzi has demonstrated her determination and commitment to the gruelling training and nutrition programme which allowed her to finish her first marathon in a blistering 4 hrs 27 mins.

We are immensely proud of Suzzi’s amazing achievement and hope it will encourage a few others to dust off those trainers and get out there.


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