For all types of referrals contact us on 01738 636456, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide more details on the different types of placements we offer.

We take referrals from all over Scotland and the North of England for young people. Our preference is that transitions for young people moving to Balnacraig are planned carefully and that due time is given to allow this to happen, however we do appreciate that this is not always possible when emergencies arise and we will always try to cooperate with Local Authorities in the best interests of young people.

Following an initial enquiry, we gather background information about the young person from any professionals who have been involved to date.  We ask that any previous assessments on the young person are passed to us before admission and that an initial risk assessment is completed to help us to ensure safety on admission to Balnacraig.

If possible, staff from Balnacraig will visit the young person in their current placement to make initial contact and speak with key staff involved in the current support plan.  We will also organise visits to Balnacraig in order that the young person, their parents/carers and any professionals involved can familiarise themselves with Balnacraig and our staff before the move actually takes place.  The young person will be given the opportunity to join in activities with other young people during pre-placement visits and to chat to staff and young people about the routines of Balnacraig.  In addition, our Cook will meet with the young person to find out about food preferences. We will also show the young person their new bedroom and choose colours for the walls and soft furnishings. A Young Person’s Handbook is available which has been developed with the support of our young people to help explain the school to young people arriving for the first time.

If time permits, other visits can be arranged in order to allow the young person to become familiar with their appointed keyworker and key teacher at Balnacraig and to start to develop a relationship with them.