The Future of Balnacraig

It is with great regret that we have made the decision  to stop providing care for young people at Balnacraig School from December.

We have been operating as a charity since 1843 and have gone through a number of transitions. We began in Perth in response to the unplanned growth of the cities and towns in the wake of the industrial revolution which created squalor and over-crowding on a massive scale, which in turn resulted in significant increases in children being abandoned and left homeless. In 1950, we transferred to our current location at Fairmount Terrace and became Balnacraig School. Since May 2014 we have opened  5 new services whilst maintaining our services at Fairmount Terrace. Since 1843 our records show that we have cared for close to 2,000 young people from across Scotland. Thanks to the dedication of our management team and our staff, the quality of care provided at Balnacraig has been consistently of a high standard as reflected by our inspection reports.

Given our long history and the fact that  the young people we care for have already experienced a lot of disruption and difficulties in their lives the decision to stop providing care has not been an easy been one for us to make, however  a great deal has changed in the way young people are cared for when they are unable to live with their families. The key factor that has determined the decision we have taken to stop providing care has been a lack of referrals which suggests to us that there is no longer a need for the sort of service we provide. We hope this is because young people are now able to be better cared for closer to home. Clearly we need referrals and we need to be confident that we have the correct number of staff to provide safe care for those young people. We felt that we couldn’t guarantee this beyond December so we have decided we should stop providing care from that date.

Our priority right now is our young people and staff.